3 Ways To Help Overcome Cravings

3 Ways To Help Overcome Cravings

July 04, 2017

" A craving is a very natural and normal response to meeting a need." The craving could be for energy or to regulate your emotions. Maybe you had an unsweet day, so your craving might be for something sweet, or maybe you are seeking some enjoyment. 

Obviously, giving in to donuts and cupcakes every single time isn't a good way to build a healthy and strong body. Your first step is to accept that craving is going to be there. You can eliminate cravings. You can reduce your susceptibility to acting on them and reduce the effects they have on you.

If you feel like the delicious desserts cravings have a controlling edge on you and you can't just stop at one, try these 3 tricks to help overcome the urges.


When most people "cheat" on their diet, they tend to justify why they "can" have some cupcakes. Although it may seem hard in the moment, being logic can help you stop a craving that could potentially become serious. If you track your food intake, macros, you can easily see as much as you may think you want that cupcake or ice cream.


We all know the debate about " 3 meals vs 5 meals" per day for better weight loss continues, but if you are not hungry for snacks, there's no real reason to eat them. There is no reason to follow a prescribed schedule either. Maybe you sail through lunch to dinner but always want a little something before bed. So eat it then and not in the afternoon so you're not adding extra calories. Instead, those calories are accounted for. 


Just like in football, the quarterback calls an audible when they get to the line and decide their planned play isn't going to work with the way the opposing teams defense is setting up.  It's the same thing as nutrition. You should always have a backup play when your own plans go awry. For example, if mornings get crazed and you don't have time to make breakfast, keep at least 5 ingredients on hand that you can toss in your blender to have a quick healthy smoothy. Having a plan like this makes you less likely to eat just anything.

Hope these 3 tips helps you stay on track towards your healthy life goals. Feel free to share your experiences with us.

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