Best 3 Post Workout Foods To Consume

Best 3 Post Workout Foods To Consume

November 28, 2017

Day in and day out you have been giving it 110% in the gym or on the field. Sometimes you wonder, why am I not recovering faster? Why am I not making any gains? Etc. Well what most people don't understand is that it doesn't matter how hard you go in the gym, but also how hard you go in the kitchen as well.

When it comes to a post workout meal after slaying the weights or crushing those PR's on the track, every athlete needs a well proper post workout meal.

We have 3 of the top foods you should consider eating after a workout.


 One of the healthiest sources of protein is boneless, skinless chicken breast. It can be found at almost any grocery store. With having the bones removed and the skin cut off, this is lowest fat cut of poultry. 

Remember it is important to keep health in mind when preparing your chicken, don't fry it in heavy oil, but try to bake, grill or even boil it.


If you just finished burning off a ton of calories in a high intensity cardiovascular workout, then you'll want to restore as much as the glycogen that your body has spent. That means by consuming carbohydrates. There are a few different options for this purpose but the good news it that potatoes are easy to find, incredibly easy to make, and did I mention cheap.


Well lets just say some of you don't have enough time to prepare your post workout meals in advance, don't sweat it, a lot of people including professional athletes rely on a post workout whey protein shake.

Throw a spoonful in a glass or shaker bottle with designated amount of water or milk and drink it down. Many of whey protein powders contain carbohydrates in addition to protein, they'll start the process of helping your muscles recover and get ready for your next workout. Additionally a protein shake can help settle the stomach after a grueling workout session.

Good luck crushing your next workouts and don't forget your post workout fuel!


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