Getting ready for a shirtless summer

Getting ready for a shirtless summer

March 26, 2018

Rather you are a male looking to showoff those shredded abs or a female ready for that brand new bikini to put on, but you don't have enough time or simply need some professional advice to help get you there? Well you're in luck!

We've got some awesome tips for you to add to your daily routines. You cab still perform the same weight training exercises and routines, just add our nutrition and training tips to the mix.

Mix Up Your Cardio

When you include a variety of cardio machines in your routines like elliptical, stair stepper and treadmill, you stimulate the same muscles in new ways or even work different muscle groups. The more groups you use that are accustomed to training, the harder you must work at an exercise and you burn more calories. You may be surprised by how much more beneficial cross-training is vs performing the same exercise during every cardio session.

Record The Foods You Eat

Keeping a daily food journal can have a surprising effect on your discipline, because it makes you think about everything you put in your mouth. Just by committing to writing everything down, you are less likely to include unhealthy foods in your diet.

Reduce Carbs Later In The Day

Cutting back carbohydrates later in the day is smart for two reasons; One, you decrease the number of calories you consume each day. Two, you reduce the amount of insulin your body must produce which decreases the amount of fat your body stores. You don't need to eliminate potatoes or pasta, but simple cut back on them later in the day.

Add Intervals To Your Cardio

Interval training is when an athlete alternates between two or more activities typically requiring different rates of speed. Interval training burns more calories than steady state training because you can do more work in the same amount of time. To use this calorie burning technique, include sprints with your jogging, add jogging to your fast paced walk or increase the difficulty level when using cardio machines. Add 30-60 seconds of intervals every other minute.

Increase Your Weights Up To 8-12%

By doing this technique it will simply shake up your workouts. A lot of people get stuck using the same amount of weights, sets, and reps over and over and over. Your body acclimates to the work load and you don't burn as many calories as if you would if you provided your body with unexpected stimulation. Increasing your training weights to 8-12% is a great way to do this.

Eat Spicy Foods

We don't mean for you to go crazy and throw in some killer ghost peppers with all your meals. Spices such as red pepper and cayenne pepper can significantly crank up your metabolic rate and decrease your overall food intake.

Fat Burner Supplements

There are different types of Fat Burner products out there. Thermogenics are the variation of fat burners most commonly thought of and they actually help speed the metabolism, helping you directly burn off more fat. Others however, work indirectly. If you got that hunger that just wont stop no matter what kind of diet you are on or simply just craving food period then fat burners are for you. It will usually serve to blunt your appetite.  


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