The Best Tricep Workouts

The Best Tricep Workouts

March 07, 2018

Are you looking for the best tricep workouts that will help you grow bigger tris that will make eyeballs pop and make your shirt sleeves stretch, then this is a must read article!

The 5 Tricep Exercises That The Pros Use

Close-Grip Bench Press- It emphasizes the lateral heads of the triceps and also gives a little boost to your chest development.

Dips- Their are two types of dips you can do: bench and upright dip. We recommend doing the upright dip because it's easier to load the weight and involves the shoulders and chest more, but both are good for training the triceps.

Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Press- This is a bodybuilders favorite exercise. It's particularly good for targeting the long head of the tricep and allows you to safely press heavy weight and overload the muscle.

Lying Triceps Extension (skullcrusher)- This is a movement that emphasizes the medial head. It has been a bodybuilders staple for decades now because it's simple and effective.

 Triceps Pushdown- This is the most common triceps exercise that people do and surprisingly, it's quite good. You can use a V-bar, straight bar, or a rope to perform this exercise.

*Be sure to warm up correctly, approximately 5-10 minutes before your workout and to stretch your triceps between sets.  

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