Start Your HIIT With Walking

Start Your HIIT With Walking

May 21, 2017

Well you probably heard of the amazing benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Some of the benefits are increased calorie burn and faster fat burning both during your workout and hours afterwards. Some of the exercises typically used in HIIT would be burpees, jumping jacks, and squat thrusts, etc. These exercises can be tough to perform correctly at a high speed especially if you are new to exercise, need to stay low impact for your joints or are returning after a long hiatus.

Good news is that a recent study found that the best way to get you started with HIIT is walking. A really focused power walk is one of the simplest and effective ways to incorporate this type of high intensity interval into your daily exercise routines.

We can help you get started with this outline for a program you can try on your next walk. It can be done either on a treadmill or outdoors- We like the outdoors because who wouldn't like burning fat while soaking up some Vitamin D.

As you continue to build up your fitness level, try to remember to shorten the length of your steady pace intervals and work at a much higher intensity for a longer period of time. If you aren't able to catch your breath during your recovery time, you might need to take more time in between your working intervals as you build your stamina.


Warmup: walk at an easy comfortable pace (3 minutes)

Interval Set [5 reps]

  • Steady neutral state. Walk enough that your breathing is slightly elevated where you can still talk easily. (3 Minutes)
  • High intensity. Walk as quickly as you can at a pace that your breathing will be very labored where talking will be difficult. (1 minute)
  • Recovery. Walk at a slow and comfortable pace and focus on catching your breath before doing 4 more reps of each interval. (1 minute)

Cooldown: Continue to walk at a slow and steady pace and don't forget you can also throw in a few stretches.

Let us know your opinion on this article and please share with us about your walking HIIT experiences.

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