The Secret To Building Bigger Arms

The Secret To Building Bigger Arms

May 14, 2017

Are you looking to grow arms the size of pythons, maybe as big as the hulk, or simply just trying to have your arms grow big enough to have your crush raise their eyebrow and give you a wink?

So the question is what is the secret to building bigger arms? The answer is not as secretive as you might assume. If it was so secretive, you would see a ton of guys walking around with 20 inch arms.

Walk into a gym on a Monday night around rush hour and you'll see a bunch of skinny guys who are sporting some decent size arms. Many of them most likely hasn't gained no more than 10-15 pounds total since they started training but they all have put on more than an inch or two on their arms. This is because localized hypertrophy muscle growth will take place if enough volume is present.

For example look at the forearms on a carpenter or the calves on a professional boxer.

Don't get it twisted on high volume training only. Once you've hit a plateau you have no choice but to start lifting heavier weights and eating a lot more.

Stick with the basics. More food on your plate and more weight on the bar is the fastest way to increase the size of any body part. Doing all the fancy drop sets, supersets, tri-sets, pre-exhaustion techniques won't help if you are not doing these two very important things.

More Food

More Weight

Stick with big exercises that the pro bodybuilders like to use like hammer curls, barbell curls, dumbbell curls (standing, incline, alternating etc.), close grip bench, reverse grip bench, weighted dips, weighted close grip pushups, any pushdown workout for those horseshoe triceps always come in handy as well.

During the week optimizing maximum growth, you shouldn't need more than 3-5 bicep and tricep exercises 2-3 times a week. After a couple of heavy sets in the 8-10 rep range it is always good to throw in a couple extra high rep sets with lighter weight and to focus on slower negative and explosive positive motions and to squeeze at the top of each rep. It's never a bad thing to throw in a good preworkout product to help you maximize those nasty pumps.

Secondly try to keep the rest periods between each set low 30-45 seconds.

Lastly, be sure to always stretch both the triceps and biceps 60-90 seconds before and after your workout. 

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