Hero Formulations LLC. (HEROFORM™) came about from our passion of the fitness and health industry and the need for quality supplements in the market. Our name arose from our great respect of superheroes and everything they represent. When we started this company, we noticed the market was filled with lack luster supplements and there was a need for supplements that delivered results and helped people achieve their goals. HEROFORM™ supplements are formulated to make you feel like the superheroes you witnessed and watched growing up: to feel beyond human, invincible, and all that superheroes exemplified. We strive to provide you supplements that assist you in your fitness journey and equip you in your progress to becoming your best self.

HEROFORM™ is more than a supplement brand but a lifestyle. A lifestyle of being hero-like ourselves. We believe in empowering people and given the right attitude and mindset, anyone can accomplish anything. We adopted this mindset, a "HERO" mindset, if you will, a "go all out, never give up" mentality that empowered you to push yourself beyond human limits, defining yourself as your own hero. We seek to inspire, positively impact lives, and create a movement of "HEROES". After all, the world needs more heroes, there's no room for sidekicks.